Support Services

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Do you need help on-site with your labs? MEDSource has knowledgeable personnel who can help you execute your events in a highly professional manner, filling in wherever you need to help make your lab successful. Every step of the way, from scheduling to implementation, to cleaning and packing up when it’s over, we cover your bases for you.

Typical functions include:

  • Acting as the interface between the lab participants, your representatives, and
    the host lab personnel
  • Unpacking and repacking instrumentation
  • Establishing a back table for ancillary instruments
  • Providing all PPE and gowning the lab participants
  • Managing dissemination and collection of Dosimeter badges
  • Cleaning instruments at the conclusion of the lab using our proprietary
    cleaning protocol

Support Services

“MEDSource brings a high level of professionalism to each event. Their lab support is excellent – they are friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.”

James McElroy, President
Bioskills Solutions, Inc.

Contact us at 303-750-5357 to see how our staff can help your staff. We’re invested in your success—we want you to look good!



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