Rental Products

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Do you already know exactly what you need? Do you know what the surgeon asked for but can’t find it because he asked for it using his own “insider lingo”?

Do you have your own equipment but need extra inventory for a larger event? Do you have most of what you need with the exception of a few specialty instruments?

Are you holding an event on-site in a non-medical facility and you need everything from the tables to the tools?

We can provide what you need on a rental basis customized exactly for your event, whether one day, one week, or longer. We understand it has to be right in order for your event to be successful.

The right equipment – in the right place – at the right time – in good working condition- that’s what MEDSource is all about.

“The equipment MEDSource provides during the lab is always in perfect working condition.”

– Stephanie West
Manager, Medical Education
DePuy Synthes Spine

Bioskills equipment rental – Call 303-750-5357