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If you need PPE (personal protective equipment), station equipment disposables, or cleaning kits, MEDSource can help you. Let us do the work of selecting, packing, and shipping so you just have to show up, use it, and not worry about it.

We’ve got you covered!


PPE Kits come prepackaged for 10 or 25 participants, including gowns, masks, caps, shoe covers, gloves, and everything else your participants need for your labs.


Station Kits come prepackaged for 2 or 4 stations, including surgical table drapes, chux, surgical tape, scalpel blades, skin markers, rulers, and everything else needed for your lab stations.

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits are assembled for your particular needs, whether a one station event or a 20 station event. Cleaning Kits include instrument tubs, brushes, pipe cleaners for cannulated instruments, instrument disinfectant, and everything else you need to clean your instruments on site.

Contact us today at 303-750-5357 so we can pack up a kit for you and ship it to your location in time for your lab.

Bioskills equipment rental – Call 303-750-5357