For Meeting Planners

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You may be a meeting planner working for a lab, a medical device company, or an independent meeting planner. No matter what your surgical experience or background, you can count on MEDSource to help with the details of planning and implementing your bioskills lab event.


If you are a seasoned pro at planning bioskills labs, we will quickly and easily provide what you need to help you hold a successful event. If you need a little advice, we can do that too. If you are a meeting planner with little or no medical background, don’t worry—we have you covered. We speak the language, we get the lingo, so if the surgeon asks for something you can’t find on a list, we know it’s because they are using a pet name and we can help you identify it. We have experience and contacts in the bioskills industry, so we can help with things like finding a location and anticipating needs that may arise on-site. We want to help you because when you succeed – we succeed.

“MEDSource is a great resource for our lab facility. I can always count on them to have the instruments and equipment I need to satisfy my clients. Their staff is knowledgeable and attentive and I always feel like I’m in great hands!”

– Aubrey Arreola
Meetings and Events Manager
Bioskills Lab Manager
Oquendo Center

Bioskills equipment rental – Call 303-750-5357