For Bioskill Labs

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If you are a lab; whether a stand-alone facility, mobile facility, or a lab within a larger organization or educational institution, MEDSource wants to be your partner. We understand that your needs as a lab manager or supervisor differ depending on the client, the procedure, or the event.

You can trust us to help you and your staff plan and execute a successful lab experience. We know the details matter to you and it is critical to receive things on time and ready-to-use. We can work with you by providing equipment behind-the-scenes to supplement your resources or directly interfacing with your clients so you don’t have to. Whatever makes you shine the brightest is what we want to help you with.


“From the large, well-planned event to the last minute additional lab, you can count on MEDSource. They will take your event to the next level, and have you looking great to your client and your manager.”

James McElroy, President
Bioskills Solutions, Inc.

Bioskills equipment rental – Call 303-750-5357