Our Team

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The MEDSource team has been carefully assembled to provide you with the expertise you need. Our staff members have the medical and surgical experience to enable them to be a truly consultative partner and not only handle the details of ordering and shipping, but also consult on instrument and equipment choice depending on the type of procedure you are conducting.

You will find that MEDSource team members live up to our reputation of going above and beyond to ensure your lab experience is successful. Our collaborative approach helps you do your job well, and when deadlines get tighter and resources are stretched thin, you can count on us to do what it takes to make you shine.


Andy Medvec

When Andy isn’t working on-site in a bioskills lab, he is inventing products to help improve the lab experience. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Montana State University, a nursing school education and background, and over 30 years in the medical device industry, focusing on equipment for the operating room.

Andy currently spends a great deal of time in the operating room, giving him a unique perspective on what it takes to replicate the operating room in a lab setting. His visionary outlook and innovative mindset have always allowed him to be adept at problem solving. He is a “big picture” thinker and loves the challenge of creating solutions to move the bioskills industry forward. His collaborative approach and desire to “build a better mousetrap” demonstrate his desire to recreate the live surgical experience for surgeons in the most effective way possible.

Mary Jean Gradisar

Mary Jean makes it happen- every day and every detail. She has an in-depth understanding of business operations, and continually goes the distance to ensure every aspect of a client’s interaction with MEDSource takes place seamlessly. Mary Jean is a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional), holds an MBA from the University of Colorado-Denver, and has 25 years’ experience in the software development industry. This background has provided her with the project management experience and operational expertise to create the perfect blend of oversight, implementation, and customer service. Her “helping make you look good” motivation is infused throughout the company, resulting in the staff-wide ability to provide clients peace of mind knowing they get exactly what they need, when and where they need it.


Support Staff

Our staff is made up of tenured OR nurses, certified surgical technologists and experienced bioskills lab managers who understand what it takes to plan and execute a successful bioskills lab event. Whether you need help selecting the right equipment and instruments, locating a venue for your event, or need an extra hand on-site during an event, our experienced team members are there with you every step of the way.

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